Considering becoming a CatHerder and it's as challenging as it sounds,While now it's more about owning an achievable Herding cats NFT than anything else

About Herding Cats

Anybody can herd natural herd animals, Holding together ten thousands wild short hairs, But Unlike Herding cats, that's another unachievable challenge, because cats purr-fer to do their own things independently.

As cats are naturally independent, it is already difficult to organize a group of them,But imagine coordinating them like "Herding Cats", The expression has become an idiom that exemplifies the challenge of coordinating or organizing entities effectively to describe something that is extremely difficult to do, as in the difficulty In Real life to attemp a command individual cats into a group (herd) in which that cannot be done. In summary,the idea behind the expression is that cats aren't herd animals, which is why herding cats is supposed to be "impossible".

Considering this, In Reality being a Cat Herder is probably about the toughest thing and a impossible challenge, But in Digital world, It ain't an easy task but Don't let anybody tell you it's impossible. That doesn't stop us
But how do Cat Herders even exist in Digital to begin an organisation that might be inherently uncontrollable?
In a sense, this is what cat herders do, We bring together the advent of Blockchain technology , Decentralized Finance and Digital Art. Using this secret mixture Cat Herders introduced a whole Herding Cats with its own framework, as a herded set of NFT collection where Cats are the models with different layers and traits, hosted on the ethereum blockchain as unique DNA data, that are unable to be modified due to the complexity mechanism of the blockchain digital ecosystem, which makes it a legitimate and permanently alive Herding Cats host for the greatest Digital Art.
Become a cat herder, and it is as challenging as it sounds, while it is more about owning an achievable herding cats NFT than anything else ,Not everyone can do what we do, it ain't a feeling like it in the world.

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We're currently Cat Herding
minting opening soon

Upon reviewing certain technical aspects
Herding Cats NFTs minting date and cost price will be announced on social media and discord space

Get on the whitelist!

join our space

As we aim to build an empire of like-minded people willing to contribute to their own and the community's growth. Therefore, Everyone can commit to expand the community through active participation by meeting set conditions to invite people just like you who's willing to lead a opportunity to become a Cat Herder by guarantee a Herding Cats NFT collection whitelist pre-sale spot.

Herding Cats pre-sale date and spot conditions will be announced on social media and discord space.

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Herding Cats are developed in the Digital World, where there are NO Real Physical events


Organic Collaborations / Promotions

Through organic collaborations that are backed by a huge supportive community, there is the chance to be a part of a growing movement to grow the Herding Cats NFT collection and thrive the Cat herders community.

Whitelisting minting pre-sale;

An announcement regarding Herding Cats NFTs pre-sale minting date will be posted on social media and discord once the technical aspects have been reviewed . Therefore, if you have been selected for a whitelist spot, you will be able to mint upon the start of the pre-sale.
Follow shortly, There will be a public sale date when everyone can herd cats and start minting


Augmented Reality Cats

Herding Cats are getting even more hyper, A 3D Augmented Reality Herding Cats NFT will be integrated into META as soon as the pre-sale complete, ensuring the NFTs are showcased on META


Charity Donation

Charity will be an integral part of Herding Cats NFT, as we ensure a certain percentage portion of the initial sales kept for charity, as we will engage the community for suggestions and pool voting to select the charities.
The support of Donations will be beneficial to humanity and animals alike, since we are all living creatures hosted on Earth.

The percentage portion and the conditions for donating will be announced SOON.
Further, we'll share available evidence in order to maintain traceability!


Custom Herding Cats NFT

To prevent imitation, Cat Herders who own Herding Cats NFT will be able to herd their custom Cats and receive rewards for Cat Herding
We will reveal details SOON

The Founder

The founder of herding cats NFT collection enjoys experiences in most spheres of the digital world !



Starting by venturing in Cryptocurrency investing and trading since 2017, In addition building ,developing and owning a Ecommerce store and YouTube automation content creating. And by the time, Damino dived into the NFTs

Recently, Damino practiced digital art while designing the Cats trait layers , In meantime, began developing Herding Cats NFT Web 3.0 App, and deployed the Herding Cats NFT Collection on blockchain,


In the NFT and crypto industry at large certain terms are often thrown around a lot,
However , here are a few terms and a brief but clear definitions.


For any queries reach out on social media , discord And by Email

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